Choosing the Right Size Generator for the Size of Your Spartanburg, SC, Home

When you’re buying a standby generator for your home, you’ll want one that provides enough energy to power your entire home – lights, heating and cooling, appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and everything else. You want to be comfortable. You want your freezer and refrigerator to keep your food properly cooled, and you want to be able to cook it. If you need to rely on your generator for power, you’re certainly in a situation in which you will want access to news from television and the internet. The following guidelines will give you the knowledge to achieve that goal. Then, you’ll know which type and size of generator you want to have installed when you discuss your project with electrical contractors in Spartanburg, SC.

Choosing the Power Supply for Your Standby Generator

Standby generators need their own independent power supply in order to operate. Most can connect to two power supplies so that one serves as a backup for the other, but some connect to only a single power source.

Some generators use natural gas, and they can be connected to the gas line to your home. Other generators use propane or diesel fuel.

Generators that use these latter two fuels connect to storage tanks placed on your property, and you will need to schedule appointments to have your storage tank filled.

When choosing a power supply for your generator, you should consider the types of situations that could leave you without power. If you live in an area where your natural gas supply might need to be shut off for some reason, then a generator powered by propane or diesel fuel might be the better choice. However, if you live in an area where your property could be flooded by fast-moving water, then you will need to be certain that your fuel tank is anchored securely so that it cannot be swept away.

Choosing the Right Size Standby Generator for the Size of Your House

The data plate on your air conditioner supplies you with a place to start when it comes to deciding how much power you will need from your standby generator. The air conditioner’s data plate lists its size in either tons or BTUs (British Thermal Units).

If the data plate lists your air conditioner’s size in BTUs, you will need to convert it to tons, but, fortunately, it’s a simple calculation. Each ton equals 12,000 BTUs. When you divide the number of BTUs listed on the face plate by 12,000, you have the size of your air conditioner in tons.

The measure of the power supplied by various generators is listed in kilowatts (kW), and the number of kilowatts you will need your standby generator to supply depends on the size of your home and the size of your air conditioning unit. As a general guideline:

• For a home of less that 1,000 square feet with a 2 ton air conditioner, you need a standby generator that can supply approximately 13.8 kW of power.

• For a home between 1,000 and 1,600 square feet with a 3 ton air conditioner, you need approximately 14.7 kW of power.

• For a home between 1,600 and 3,000 square feet with a 4 ton air conditioner, you need approximately 21 kW of power.

• For a home between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet or larger with a 5 ton air conditioner, you need approximately 24.6 kW of power.

Licensed electrical contractors in Spartanburg, SC, can make a survey of the power usage in your home and tell you exactly how much power your standby generator will need to supply.

If the amount of power you need falls between the amount of power supplied by two available generator models, choose the larger model, not the smaller. Attempting to save money on a less expensive, smaller model means that your home will be underpowered, and when you are using the generator, you will have to make choices about which major appliance you will have to turn off before you can turn on and use another one.

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