Designing Your Own Backyard Pool

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Swimming Pools

A pool can add both aesthetics and value to a home. It’s an added luxury that gives you a place to relax, exercise and have fun. Once you decide to build a pool, there are several things to consider so you can make this project a success.

The Available Space

Is your yard really big enough for a pool? Logically, this will dictate its shape, size and number of gallons of water it can accommodate. Ask yourself and your family how much green space you want to keep in the yard. Do you need space for a swing set or a shed? What about your current landscape? Will your existing trees provide shade for the pool or do they need to be removed? Be sure to check with your local municipality too. There are likely to be restrictions on how close your pool can be to the property line. If you’re a resident in San Clemente, a custom pool building specialist can help with these questions.

Who Will Be Swimming?

Small children may need a shallow area or a walk-in pool without steps. Elderly swimmers benefit from additional stairs at the entrance. Five steps instead of two or three, along with an extended handrail, would be helpful. If you or your family members swim for exercise, a lap pool might be the best choice. Different depths also can let your children play and keep enough space for exercise. Specialists in custom pool building in San Clemente provide advice to guide your decisions.

Special Features

If you’re building a pool, you can add a lot of special features if you like. You can get a spa, lights, fountains, ladders and more. Custom pool building in San Clemente means you can select from a vast array of options to create a pool you will enjoy for years to come.

The Budget

This is the most important consideration when building a pool. Ask yourself how much you can really spend versus how much you want to spend. This might cause you to make some difficult choices, but a pool is not fun if it drains your bank account.

To find out more about building your own pool, connect with the custom pool building company, Aquanetic Pools.

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