Grout Repair Service in Houston TX Can Add Stability and Support

Specialty grouting helps to stabilize the soil so that buildings remain firmly in place. This can be beneficial for places where the soil is granular and loose in composition, has subsurface voids, or is subject to sinkholes developing. A Grout Repair Service in Houston TX can inject grout into problem areas to strengthen the ground under large buildings and to reduce any soil movement in the future. There are several methods that can be used for specialty grouting purposes, including compaction grouting, pressure grouting, and chemical grouting.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is commonly known as low mobility grouting. This process is used for soil that is loosely granular in composition, as it doesn’t hold together well and can often shift below a structure that is built on top of it. The compaction grouting process forces water and air out of the soil. Then the soil is then infused with a low mobility aggregate grout that binds the remaining fine grain soil together and lifts the sunken areas.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting is often used to compact soft or weakened soil or to fill voids that may be below the surface, such as an abandoned pipe. When working with a pipe that’s buried underground, it may be easier and more cost effective to fill it in, rather than to dig it out before building on the ground above it. As pipes erode over time, there is always the chance that they may fill up with water or collapse which could cause a structure above to buckle as well. By using an impervious cellular grout that can easily flow through small spaces, every empty void can be filled and reinforced as the grout dries and cures.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting is a perfect choice when wishing to waterproof cracks, sewer lines, tunnels, mine shafts, manholes, dams, and other structures. Chemical grouting stops possible leakage from occurring in concrete structures and provides a barrier against groundwater infiltration. It can seal and waterproof any size crack and may be used to fill in voids around a structure in order to give it support.

Specialty grouting can be used for multiple purposes as it fills in gaps, adds strength and stability, and is more cost-effective than digging up an issue and starting all over. Request quote if grout repair service in Houston TX may be beneficial for your business.