Tips On Termite Control And Prevention

One of the most annoying and common household critters is without a doubt the termite. These insects have the scientific name Isoptera and the fact that they chew through the wood all day, every day makes them a big problem for property owners who want to avoid paying for structural repairs. Despite the fact that they are a nuisance to deal with, termites are very clever, because they carefully eat their way through the wood to make elaborate tunnel systems. These tunnels allow them to access food sources that are not below the ground. If you don’t fancy snacking on a colony of termites (and let’s be honest, who would?), take the following tips into consideration to stop the critters in their tracks.

Adjust the Conditions

The rules for termite control in Lakewood, NJ are pretty simple – create a habitat where they don’t want to live! If any tree stumps or pieces of wood are decaying close to your home, move them. Dampness may attract termites, so call in the plumbers to fix any leaking faucets or pipes. Greenery should be trimmed as often as possible and if you take pride in your garden, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Avoid using mulch and sawdust to decorate the garden with, as this is the perfect breeding ground for termites. Aim to cover the soil with concrete slabs and reduce humidity in the home by ventilating it well. This can be accomplished by introducing a dehumidifier or by opening the windows throughout the day.

Regularly Inspect for Termites

The more often you inspect for termites, the lower the chances of an infestation occurring, or reoccurring. Look closely at wooden items inside the home and examine trees outside the home. Are there tiny holes in the wood or lines that look as though they have been carefully carved out with a thin knife? If so, this is a sign that termites are present. The next step for termite control in Lakewood, NJ is to call in the experts, who can confirm what you believe to be an infestation.

Hire a Pest Control Professional

Don’t hire just anyone for the job of termite control and prevention – do your homework first! A professional should be well established in the pest control industry and should work for a reputable company. Check reviews and use the Internet to your advantage at this time.

If you are dealing with an infestation that is getting out of hand, call Dynamic Pest Control for termite control in Lakewood, NJ.