When to Call for a Heat Pump Repair in St Louis

Heat pumps are designed to keep a building at a comfortable temperature. However, there are times when something goes wrong with the system and the owner must call for a heat pump repair in St Louis. The first question a person may have in this situation is how much the repair will cost. Unfortunately, there is no set answer to this, as the technician must determine what the problem is first. Following are three common problems seen with this type of system.


A lack of maintenance can lead to a system short-cycling. This problem typically arises when debris has become trapped in the system and resistance is created. A technician comes in to clean the interior and exterior of the system. Furthermore, he or she tests all safety switches and measures the airflow and efficiency of the system. A regular maintenance schedule can help to prevent this issue, so be sure to discuss setting up a maintenance plan with the technician during the visit.

A Decrease in Heat Production

At times, the system may put out cool air instead of warm. The first thing to do in this situation is to ensure the thermostat is set at the proper temperature. If that isn’t the issue, check heat vents and registers to ensure they are in the open position. Remove any objects that may be blocking the vents and proper airflow. If these steps don’t resolve the problem, call for a heat pump repair in St Louis. The problem could lie in the blower motors or coils or with another system component. While waiting for the repair technician to arrive, it’s best to shut the system off to prevent further damage.

A heat pump that is not operating properly needs to be examined immediately. Doing so helps to prevent additional damage to the system while ensuring the home remains at a comfortable temperature. If you suspect your heating system isn’t operating correctly, call Classic Aire Care. A technician will come out and do a thorough inspection of the system to determine where the problem lies and how best to correct it. Early action helps to prevent more costly repairs so don’t delay. A home should be comfortable for occupants at all times, and a fully functioning heating system works to ensure it is.