2 Lessons That Can Be Learned From A Dachau Survivor

The Holocaust began in a town located in Upper Bavaria in Southern Germany. The town where the first concentration camp was located is called Dachau and was used as a blueprint for all other concentration camps created. It is important to learn that the Holocaust began in this town in Germany because it will help prevent these horrific tragedies from happening again.

With tensions currently running high all over the world, it’s extremely important to look back into history and reflect on how we can grow and learn from the events that have taken place. One important event to reflect upon is the Holocaust, and how to can prevent these events from taking place again.

Ben Lesser, a Dachau survivor, has dedicated his life to sharing his story and using his experiences to teach future generations. There are two important lessons he focuses on.

Living life with Tolerance

The terrible events that took place at Dachau were the result of years of hate and anger. The Jewish people experienced extreme violence, solely for the fact that they were different. By actively fighting again hatred and intolerance, we can create a world that is safer and more peaceful for everyone who occupies it.

Hope and Resilience

Another lesson Ben uses is story to teach is the lesson of hope. Even though Ben had all the odds stacked against him, he never lost his hope and his will to fight and survive. He survived because of his endless resilience, he stress the important of never giving up, no matter how big or small your challenge is.

Where to Learn More

Perhaps you are now searching for a place to learn more about the Holocaust to help you find a way to help others experiencing oppression, bullying, and violence. Visit the Dachau survivor, Ben Lesser, at zachorfoundation.org. He has founded the organization to educate people about the Holocaust through his experiences and to help others do their part to fight against violence and bullying. So, when searching for a Dachau survivor to learn more about the Holocaust to help you find a way to help humanity, their organization is the organization you should visit. Call or visit them online at https://www.zachorfoundation.org today.