3 Benefits of Using Seed Treatment on the Crops on Your Vernon County Farm

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Agriculture Cooperative

While the quality of your soil and the environment play important roles in how well your crops grow, there are other factors to consider as well. Many of those additional factors, such as exposure to pests, can be mitigated by using a seed treatment in Vernon County WI.

Here are a few specific benefits of using this type of additive in helping your crops thrive.

Protect Against Pathogens

Just as pathogens can infect people, they can also infect plants. A seed treatment will prevent those bacterial agents from spreading through the soil. This will keep pathogens from infecting your crops and causing root rot. Since different pathogens thrive in a variety of conditions, seed treatment can protect your crops all year round.

Guard Against Pest Infestations

This type of treatment will also help protect against damage caused by pests. The treatment makes the plant harmful to pests that may try to eat or bite the plant’s stem or leaves. This will repel pests before they have a chance to nest or cause extensive damage.

Grow Stronger and Healthier Crops

A seed treatment that guards against pests and pathogens simultaneously will give your crops the best chances for healthy growth. Since they won’t suffer the damage caused by those two threats, your crops will have a better environment in which to thrive. The result is plants that grow strong and healthy, producing a higher quality of crops.

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