3 Important Things to Know About Fire Alarm Systems in Vancouver, WA

Most people are already familiar with commercial fire alarm systems and the purpose they are meant to serve. However, most people don’t take time to think about the actual design of the system and what important components make it up to be as reliable as it is. Take a look at these three important facts to be more informed on fire alarm systems.

1. Various Methods of Fire Detection

Most people are already familiar with smoke detectors because those kinds of devices are essential in every home and commercial building. Fire Alarm Systems In Vancouver, WA, can detect incoming fire in many different ways. Some systems can detect the movement of water coming from the sprinkler system and trigger an alarm to notify occupants of incoming fire. Other systems simply rely on temperature detection to sense whether or not the building is being overcome by fire or smoke.

2. Visible and Audible Alarms

Reliable and dependable commercial fire alarm systems will have the ability to trigger both audible and visible alarms. Audible alarms should be loud enough to notify occupants no matter what space of the building they are in. The particular sound should be loud and obvious enough to pierce through any loud music or other clamors that could easily drown out noises. Visual notifications should be bright and visible enough to aid those with hearing impairments in being notified of incoming fire.

3. Lifespan and Replacement Dates

Most fire alarm systems in Vancouver, WA, will notify you when the system needs to be replaced or inspected. If you’re in a commercial space, you may need to be aware of how often you need to have your system inspected, tested, serviced, and replaced to abide by state laws. Most systems last for at least a decade, but this information should always be confirmed by the manufacturer.