3 Reasons to Use Digital Logbook Software for Better Communication at Work

Everyone has experienced the day in which they begin work as usual only to find out that the circumstances have drastically changed. Not only is this a scary time to live in, but it is also equally frustrating to catch a late memo. While written notes and emails are helpful in many cases, they aren’t exactly foolproof. Here are three reasons why every company should use digital logbook software instead.

To Cut Down on Emails

No one wants to punch in for their shift only to soon be bombarded with emails from the supervisors and employees that have left to enjoy the rest of their day. Instead of clicking through message after message, digital visitor logbook software makes it easy to tune into one platform and read through each note.

To Ensure That a Message Gets Passed Along

Trusting employees to spread the word to others is a silly mistake as people tend to be both forgetful and inaccurate. Fortunately, digital visitor logbook software gets all messages across without the need for easily-misplaced sticky notes or frequently-ignored bulletin boards.

For More Accurate Communication

Relying on memory and word of mouth leads to costly errors in the work world. Digital logbooks allow employees the courtesy of reading a message directly from its source, leading to fewer communication issues.

Wherever there is a need for improved communication, Logbook by Doozer Software, Inc. can be of service by providing a platform that allows employees to get their thoughts across between each shift without the hassle.