3 Sleep Apnea Facts

As you age, you are going to encounter a variety of changes to your body. Those changes may result in health conditions, diseases or impediments. Sleep apnea, for example, is a condition that some experience as they become older. The good news is that specialists can readily treat Sleep Apnea Chicago. It does not require invasive treatment, and it can easily be diagnosed.

Here are three sleep apnea facts to consider.

What is it?

Sleep apnea causes individuals to snore loudly while they sleep. Once it begins, it is likely to become a chronic condition that lasts the rest of your lifetime. The condition is more likely to affect men of older age. It can also appear in younger individuals who are overweight.


If you discover that you are breathing through your mouth, loudly breathing or feeling tired throughout your day even though you slept at least seven hours the night before, you may be experiencing sleep apnea. Snoring, sleep deprivation and nightmares are other symptoms. This sleep and respiratory condition could also lead to depression, dry-mouth and mood swings.


Your medical professional, including a dentist, can diagnose sleep apnea. He will request lab tests, imaging or both. Then, when the results arrive, he will assess the situation. If you are overweight, the treatment may simply be giving you a plan to lose weight. Once you shed enough pounds, you will be re-diagnosed.

If your weight is not causing the sleep apnea, your medical professional will determine if it is your age and gender causing the condition. Treatment could include lifestyle changes as well as a continuous positive airway pressure machine.

Life has a way of bringing about interesting situations. Sleep apnea may be inconvenient, but a Sleep Apnea Chicago professional, like Art Of Modern Dentistry, can help.