3 Tell tale Signs That an HVAC System in Lincoln Needs Immediate Repairs

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Summer is only around the corner, and just as it’s time to crank up the air conditioner, it begins to malfunction. A problematic HVAC system may still power on, but it will show obvious signs of distress. Here are three to look out for.

Humidity Plaguing the Air

Feeling moisture within the air is a red flag that a unit isn’t functioning properly. An HVAC system that is performing at its best will naturally control humidity. If a building resembles the feeling of heat meeting a rainy day, Air Conditioning Services in Lincoln, NE, will be able to correct the issue.

Warmth Within the Air

An HVAC unit that only produces warm air is almost worse than not having one at all, especially on those hot summer days. When heat emits from a system, it may be due to clogged vents, or the thermostat could be busted. Whichever the case, air conditioning services in Lincoln, NE, can diagnose the problem and match it with a solution in little to no time.

Weak or Unreliable Airflow

Insufficient airflow is a common issue, but it can be even more costly if ignored. In fortunate cases, replacing the filter can restore its cooling power, but on the other end, the issue can even lie within the motor or something a bit more serious.

When it comes to beating the heat at even the most inconvenient moments, no company gets the job done better than Green’s Furnace & Plumbing, Co., serving Lincoln, NE, and all surrounding areas.

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