3 Tips for Cosmetic Fillers Treatments in Colorado Springs CO

Cosmetic fillers are anti-aging treatments that help you look younger without surgery. When you invest in dermal fillers, you want to be thrilled with the results, and here are three tips for getting the most from your cosmetic fillers in Colorado Springs, CO.

Let the Filler Settle into the Skin

Cosmetic fillers are gels that get deposited into the various layers of skin to produce volume that lifts and softens wrinkles. The gel needs time to settle into the skin, so you should avoid rubbing, massaging, and pressing against the area. If you have discomfort after the injections, you can very lightly apply a cold washcloth.

Have Regular Touch Up Treatments

Each cosmetic filler product is expected to last for a certain amount of time before you need a maintenance treatment. You should schedule the treatments as recommended to preserve the anti-aging benefits of the cosmetic fillers. If you miss an appointment or wait too long, you may need a full treatment with the fillers.

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Cosmetic fillers for Colorado Springs, CO, men and women help you look younger, but the products do not stop the aging process. Sun damage is a leading cause of lines and wrinkles and spending too much time outdoors without sunscreen may age your skin more quickly. Use a high-quality sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays and re-apply the product throughout the day.

Learn More About Cosmetic Fillers in Colorado Springs, CO

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