3 Tips for Winterizing and Weatherizing Your Home Like a Professional

When the weather is too cold to be comfortable, your home needs protection just like your body. Instead of wrapping it in a jacket, however, you can use these tips for preparing your home for winter.

1. Fix Your Appliances

If you’ve been hearing odd squeaks from your basement, it’s time to get them fixed. A professional company devoted to heating and cooling in Neenah, WI, can help you, and they can get your furnace, boiler, thermostat and zone controls in good working order. All that it takes is a home visit.

2. Seal the Cracks

Have you noticed a draft? It’s much more than an inconvenience. You could be losing hundreds of dollars per year because of a cracked window or faulty weather stripping on a door. To save money, pull out the caulk and get to work.

3. Improve Your Insulation

Insulation is one of your best weapons against a harsh winter, and it’s much easier to install than you might think. You don’t need an expensive overhaul of your entire house. You can get started with simple foam insulation in an attic that will trickle the warmth down and help everyone stay toasty.

These are just a few tips for winterizing your home. For more information, contact Bob’s Quality Heating and Cooling. They’re one of the premiere companies for heating and cooling in Neenah, WI, and they can help you with everything from furnace fixes to new HVAC pumps.