3 Types of Care Seniors Receive in St. Louis Assisted Living Facilities

A concern many families have when choosing an assisted living facility for their senior loved one is the types of care that will be available. While this type of facility isn’t equipped to provide invasive types of care, such as surgical procedures, they do meet the basic needs of their residents. Essentially, anything that falls under the responsibilities of skilled nursing care in St. Louis, MO, will be provided. Here are a few examples.

Daily Needs Are Met

The staff in an assisted living facility will make sure each resident’s needs are met on a daily basis. This includes making sure residents are bathing, changing their clothes, and brushing their teeth. The staff will also make sure each resident is taking their medication in proper doses.

Monitor the Health of Residents

The staff will keep an eye on each resident’s health to identify any problems that may arise. If there is a medical emergency, the resident will be taken to a hospital or clinic where they can be properly treated. Each facility will have procedures in place for dealing with these situations quickly and efficiently.

Regular Health Screenings

In addition to receiving skilled nursing care in S.t Louis, MO, residents in assisted living facilities undergo regular checkups. The health evaluations will be performed by a physician who is hired by the facility to care for the residents. The doctor will diagnose any new conditions, make changes to medication as needed, and check on the recovery of residents. The visits will ensure every resident is receiving the care they need.

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