3 Ways Kapton Heater Technology Can Improve Product Design Elements

A Kapton heating element is a small piece of etched foil used as a circuit and is often connected to a wire to supply power. The heater is found in many devices, including medical scanners or stand-alone devices like 3D printers. As you plan and design technology, Kapton heaters may be the best option for internal use. Learn how the heaters can supply ideal product design elements and features.

Lightweight Design

One of the biggest advantages when using Kapton Heaters is the lightweight design. Your product adds very little weight due to the thin film used in the heater. The final weight of a product can make a big difference, especially in portable products. With barely any weight added on, you can effectively use a Kapton heating element for easy product application.

Exact Temperatures

The key to using heater technology is providing exact temperatures for your product. When you order Kapton products, you have multiple options for temperatures. Kapton with an FEP bond will create precise temperatures at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you choose an acrylic bond Kapton product, then you will achieve temperatures at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The options will help you select the best Kapton for your product applications.

Die-Cut Shapes

While the standard shape for Kapton heaters is a circle, you can order a custom design to fit into your product. A laser die-cutter can create precise Kapton designs, including rectangles, squares, or die-cuts in the center of the heater. For example, you may need a hole to properly fit the part inside of a tightly packed electronic component.

Keep all of the design elements in mind the next time you need a heated element inside your product design.