4 Things to Consider When Hiring Catering in Fort Collins, CO

Whether one is hosting a small family gathering or planning an office party, catering in Fort Collins CO, takes one thing off the party planner’s plate. When having a party catered, here are some things to consider.

What Type of Food Is Desired?

Does the event require elaborate catering or will small cheese and meat platters work best? Most people prefer to keep catered meals simple. Cheese and meat platters are popular and work great for small and large events.

Is Refrigeration Required?

Any time one is hosting a catered event, it’s important to consider food safety. Refrigeration preserves food and makes it safe to consume. The last thing anyone wants is their guests falling ill because of a food-borne sickness. Caters suggest that platters be consumed on the same day of pickup or delivery.

That being said, most people are surprised to learn that most catered meals don’t require refrigeration all the time. For example, cheese platters taste better when served at room temperature. However, after two hours, any remaining food should be refrigerated or thrown away.

How Will the Catered Meal Be Delivered?

Never assume that delivery is included. Always ask the caters if they offer delivery and if an extra charge is included for this service. Some caterers only offer pickup services.

Does the Catering Service Offer a Variety of Options for Different Diets?

Party hosts want to make sure all their guests can enjoy the food. Therefore, if there are any dietary considerations, check with the catering service to find out what diets they accommodate. Popular dietary considerations include gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and low-carb.