4 Things You Should Know About Cracking Concrete in Minnesota

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Flooring Contractor

Why does concrete crack? Concrete is a combination of cement, sand, and other aggregates. Like a recipe, the dry ingredients react to water, but this finished product is the hard concrete you see on floors, walkways, and driveways, and there are many reasons this foundation can weaken.


If you have a heavy object sitting on your concrete floor, it can overload the strength of the flooring. You may begin to see tiny lines, or you may not even notice the damage until the heavy item is removed. Concrete floor crack repair in Minnesota might be able to remedy this problem.


Extensive movement of the ground or soil under and around a concrete floor can cause fissures. These fissures can cause uneven flooring over time. Vibration from heavy construction equipment and large or multiple vehicles may also affect the land and the concrete poured on top of it.


Ice can damage concrete floors. It all begins when water seeps through the cracks and freezes. When you first see hairline cracks, take the time to address them. Tackling this concrete floor crack repair in Minnesota early on might keep a small problem from becoming a real headache. Long periods of high heat can also stress concrete that has not been properly prepared, particularly when the slab is curing.


Tree roots can quietly lift and disturb concrete. One sign of possible tree damage is the pavement begins to rise and buckle. This project will involve removing the growth and replacing or repairing the surface.

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