5 Things to Look for When You Hire a Family Law Attorney

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Lawyers & Law Firms

If you want to file for a divorce and start a custody battle, you’re going to need legal help. Here’s how to help you find the right one.


Look for a lawyer who specializes in family law cases. A family attorney in Nassau City may even focus on a subspecialty like guardianship or custody law, among others. Find out how many years your lawyer has been in practice and if he has considerable experience in dealing with and settling cases like yours, LiveAbout says.


After the lawyer has taken the time to assess your case, ask him what his strategy is going to be. How long will it take to resolve your case? A good lawyer won’t promise any unrealistic and will tell you what legal options you can take as you move forward.


What kind of payment options does your lawyer work with? Some lawyers charge by the hour. Others have a retainer. Find out if there are any hidden costs as well before you hire a family attorney in Nassau City.


Does he have enough time to take on your case? Hiring the services of the best legal help in town won’t do any good if your lawyer is too busy with his current caseload that he can’t be bothered to go to court. Find someone who can dedicate the necessary time and energy to your case.


Your lawyer must stay in constant touch with you. If you seldom hear from your lawyer and you have a hard time getting him on the phone or if you wait a day or two for his replies, then spare yourself a headache and stress. Hire someone else to take on the job. You’ll be all the better for it when you get a lawyer who’s prompt with replies and updates you without fail.

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