A Catering Equipment Rental in Newberg, OR Boosts Interest in Summer Parties

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Events

Whether you are a start-up catering service or you need catering equipment for caterers that you plan to hire, you need to know where to access these kinds of accessories. You can more easily do this if you choose a company that provides rentals for parties and events. A full-service company can also meet your catering equipment needs.

What Do You Need to Rent?

When arranging a catering equipment rental in Newberg, OR, you will need to know exactly what you will be preparing for the event. If you are a caterer or party planner, you can choose from items such as super coolers, galvanized steel tubs for beverages, and cool tables. Ice chests are also featured by event planning services.

You can also choose catering equipment rental options such as beehive drink dispensers, speed racks for transporting meals, and sheet pans for venues where you have baking facilities. Again, you will need to develop a meal plan first to see what you will be serving. You also need to consider the types of drinks that will displayed.

Do You Need a Frozen Drink Machine?

You simply cannot start choosing catering equipment rental accessories without reviewing your menu plan, drink choices, and the number of attendees. Therefore, your choices will be based on the types of food and beverages served and how many people you plan to serve. For instance, you may want to host a children’s party in the summer outside. If so, you may be interested in adding a frozen drink machine for your guests.

This same machine can also be used if you host an event such as a fair. Barbecue grills are yet another kind of equipment that is ideal for outside summer events. Again, much of what you select will be based on what you plan to serve, the people attending, and also the theme.

Who to Contact Online

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