A Combination Infestation of Mice Termite in Maui Should Be Handled by Professional Pest Control Services

When there’s a combination invasion of Mice Termite Maui residents are justifiably upset. Termites can do a large amount of damage to a building before they are ever discovered. Mice leave droppings wherever they go, and they can spread disease. The property owners will want to contact a pest control service quickly to solve both of these problems.

Inspection, Eradication and Prevention

Pest control technicians from a company such as Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC perform a thorough inspection of the home. After employing effective eradication techniques, they seal up entry points where the critters could get in. Other preventive strategies for the future are discussed with the customer. For instance, keeping piles of firewood near the house can attract termites and mice. The termites want to burrow through dead wood, while mice are looking for a comfortable and secret place to nest.

Problems With Do-It-Yourself Techniques

Trying to solve either of these problems without professional help can lead to the situation getting worse. Setting out poison for mice, for example, can result in them crawling between walls after they start to feel sick. Their corpses begin to decay and cause disgusting odors in the house.

As for termites, it usually is not obvious where they are hiding and doing their destructive activity. Indiscriminate pesticide spraying is ineffective. Sometimes homeowners believe they have the problem solved and then one day somebody’s foot goes right through the floor.

Termites cause dramatic levels of damage when they are not stopped early on. Their chewing leaves honeycomb patterns that are hidden from view since it all takes place inside the lumber or other wood. By the time somebody spots a bit of unexplained sawdust along a baseboard, expensive repair work will likely be necessary.

Concluding Thoughts

When a house has a combination infestation of Mice Termite Maui pest control services can help. Sealing the house around the foundation, setting out bait traps for the insects, and using snap traps for the mice are the easiest and fastest ways to eradicate the two problems. The customers can have inspections done in the future to make sure no termites have figured out a way in. You can also connect them on Facebook.