A Doctor of Sports Medicine in Birmingham, AL Patients About Knee Surgery in Birmingham, AL

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Health

Individuals who have been dealing with chronic knee pain may want to have surgery to resolve the problem, but they also may be understandably nervous about the challenges ahead. An orthopaedic surgeon and medical doctor offering the service of sports medicine in Birmingham, AL can ease this person’s anxiety by discussing the latest technological developments. Patients now typically can have arthroscopic surgery that is much less invasive than procedures of the past. The techniques allow a patient to recover much more quickly and to get back to enjoyable active pursuits.

During the consultation with an orthopaedic doctor of Sports Medicine in Birmingham, AL the patient learns details of this surgical procedure and what to expect during recovery. The doctor performs arthroscopic surgery through a very small incision. As the term would indicate, a device inserted into the knee contains a scope camera so the surgeon can view the interior of the knee without making any large cuts. The camera sends the image to a TV monitor. That scope also allows the surgeon to expertly perform the operation.

The Knee Surgery in Birmingham, AL might involve cutting away torn cartilage flaps that are rubbing against bone, for example, or it could involve repairing a torn meniscus disc. Sometimes the knee problem involves osteoarthritis due to wear and tear over time, and in other cases, there is a specific injury that occurred during an athletic activity. An awkward pivot or twisting the knee while falling are examples of sports injuries orthopaedic surgeons commonly address. Often the problem is the combination of both osteoarthritis and an acute injury.

The patient may have waited for a long time before seeking the assistance of a surgeon due to fears about an operation. This individual will be glad for the opportunity to Meet Doctors and talk about his or her various concerns. Each person’s situation is different, of course, and the doctor can provide a good idea of what the operation will be like and how long recovery should take. The patient might benefit from physical therapy; the surgeon can make a referral for this service. Usually, instructions for home exercise specify a gradual return to usual activities.



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