A Guide to the SR-22 Requirement

If you’ve lost your driver’s license, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles may require you to buy a certificate of financial responsibility, otherwise known as an SR-22 document. The SR-22 verifies the purchase of state-mandated auto insurance coverage for license reinstatement. Read on to learn more about cheap SR22 insurance Illinois.

Why You May Need an SR-22

Although most believe that SR-22 is a type of auto insurance, it’s not; it’s merely an official verification that you’ve got the required coverage. The state’s SR-22 requirements are typically associated with:

Multiple traffic infractions

DUIs, DWIs, and other moving violations

License revocation or suspension

Insurance violations

If the state requires you to purchase an SR-22, the local traffic court or DMV will send you an official letter. Most insurers charge fees for providing the SR-22 certificate to the state, but those vary by state and by the company. Furthermore, the state may charge additional fees.

SR-22 Terminology

Requirements and terms vary by location, but in most cases, you must keep the SR-22 and the associated insurance policy for about three years. If your insurance coverage lapses your insurer is mandated by law to notify the DMV, and your driver’s license will be suspended until the coverage is reinstated. Once you’ve met the SR-22 obligation for the required length of time, your SR-22 status will be updated.

In Closing

Many people think that SR-22 documents are just for those who’ve had DUIs, but in reality, they’re required for various purposes. While the certificate may drive up your cost of coverage, it’s worthwhile because it helps keep you on the road. Contact an insurance agent to determine your state’s liability insurance and SR-22 requirements. Visit Accurateautoins.com or call Accurate Auto Insurance to learn about cheap SR22 insurance Illinois.