A Local Waste Transfer Station in Griffin, GA

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Dumpster Services

A waste transfer station in Griffin, GA, is similar to those located around the country. Generally, a waste transfer station is cheaper than garbage dumps. Garbage dumps and landfills are highly regulated. They may require you to separate items such as regular trash from air conditioning units and tires. You will be charged a much higher fee for specialty items that require different dumping standards. While waste transfer stations cannot accept hazardous materials, they can take the most common items.

Where to Find a Station

Are you having a hard time finding a waste transfer station in Griffin, GA? Companies that offer an affordable dumpster rental often provide a location to drop off your unwanted items. You can find a local transfer station by simply searching for dumpster rental companies. They will accept home clean-out trash, construction waste, renovation clean-up, and commercial debris.

How to Use a Waste Transfer Station

It may feel like a silly question to ask how to use a waste transfer station, but many people like you may have never been to a waste transfer station. Generally, a waste transfer station will have a scale in or next to its building. You will drive onto the scale with your load. The station will take note of the total weight. The worker will show you where to drive and unload your garbage. As you follow the exit signs, you will drive onto the scale again. The facility worker will perform a simple subtraction to determine how much trash you dumped. They will charge you based on this number.

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