Advantages of Hiring a Tacoma, WA, Residential Moving Company

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Transport Service

Moving takes a lot of preparation and effort. In addition to getting furniture moved, it takes time to search for a new home, transfer the kids to different schools and cancel electrical, gas and water services. That’s why it behooves a homeowner to hire an experienced Tacoma, WA, residential moving services company for help. Here are some of the main reasons why.

Experienced Team

A qualified residential moving services in Tacoma, WA, company will have usually moved many people over the years. It also employs skilled movers who know how to maneuver furniture around corners and transport it to moving trucks without causing any damages. These movers also provide packing services for the safe transportation of plates, glasses and other breakable items.

Proper Equipment

Qualified companies that provide residential moving services in Tacoma, WA, will have the proper tools and equipment for moving people to their new destinations. Some of these items include hoist straps, appliance jacks, two- and four-wheel dollies, webbing, ropes, fasteners, pallets, and even ramps. This prevents movers from having to purchase their own moving equipment.

One-Trip Move

Unlike most people, an outfit that handles residential moving services in Tacoma, WA, can get the move completed in one trip. Contrarily, a homeowner may have to rent a smaller truck and make multiple trips to move on his or her own.

Most experienced Tacoma, WA, residential moving companies will also provide other important services, including storage assistance and the transportation of pianos, exercise equipment and grandfather clocks. This ensures homeowners get all of their items moved with the proper care.

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