Advantages of Professional Lawn Care in Ottawa, ON for Frequent Travelers

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Lawn Care Service

Some men and women travel so often on business that they have little time for mowing the lawn and doing other yard work. In the Ottawa area, grass typically should be cut at least once a week unless the weather is unusually dry. Property owners who are gone much of the time may want to hire a business providing yard maintenance service, including lawn mowing in Ottawa, ON.

Uncooperative Weather

One problem for business travelers is the weather sometimes is uncooperative when they are home on weekends. If it rains for several hours on Saturday, the grass may remain too wet for effective cutting the next day. Wet grass tears instead of being cut evenly, giving it a ragged appearance. Also, cut wet grass sticks to the grass still in the soil, causing clumps. Those clumps must be raked away or they dry out and block water, sunshine and air. Eventually, patches of dead grass develop.

In addition, there are weekends when it rains both days. A service providing lawn mowing in Ottawa, ON can adjust schedules according to the weather.

Additional Services

This routine professional lawn care also is advantageous because the workers know when other maintenance is advisable. They can add grass seed or fertilizer and do aeration. Lawn service technicians rake leaves in autumn and evergreen needles as needed. Spring cleanup of seeds is necessary for certain trees. Trees with blossoms, cones and nuts also require lawn cleanup.

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