Beat the Heat with Outdoor Cooling in Phoenix

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Business

Phoenix, Arizona is known for its dry heat. In the summertime the temperature can reach triple digits. Companies such as Aero Mist, Inc. offer outdoor cooling in Phoenix. You may have excellent air conditioning inside, but want to enjoy your outside space. Outdoor cooling systems are a great compromise. They will mist you and your guests while you sit around the pool or enjoy a cocktail on the patio. Do not let the heat keep you from enjoying a backyard barbeque. A mist or fog cooling kit is a wonderful addition to any home in Phoenix, Arizona.


A cooling kit is very easy to install. The cooling kit will include all of the necessary parts and clear directions for installation as well as use. However, you may not want to install the kit yourself. You can request professional installation services for an added cost. The misting cooling kit is one of the most popular options. You can choose from three different types of tubing including nylon, copper, and stainless steel. The materials are designed to prevent degradation and enhance efficiency. The tubes must be flushed to remove debris inside the tubing before you place the nozzles.


Outdoor cooling in Phoenix is popular to beat the heat in the summertime. However, it has grown in popularity because it is also aesthetically appealing. You may imagine tubing wrapping around your outdoor spaces as an eyesore. You can install the misting kits so that they blend in with the space and are aesthetically appealing. The tubing can be installed hidden near your trim. Your guests will not stare at the tubing, but instead, enjoy the cool mist touching their skin while they lay by the pool.

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