Benefits of Buying Home Owners Insurance in Fort Myers

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Insurance Services

Buying a residential home makes up the largest investment the average American consumer will make in his or her lifetime. It’s important to have a plan in place to protect it. Read on to find out why this plan should always include buying Home Owners Insurance in Fort Myers.

It’s Required by Lenders

The state does not place any requirements on consumers regarding homeowners insurance, but mortgage lenders do. This makes sense since the insurance policy will cover the lender’s investment. Those who have mortgages should ask their lenders about minimum insurance requirements prior to speaking with an insurance agent.

Protection Against Loss Due to Inclement Weather

There’s no changing the weather, but property owners who have Home Owners Insurance in Fort Myers have to worry about it a lot less. Standard policies include protection against financial loss due to weather events like hurricanes, windstorms, fires, and tornadoes. Whether a storm, fire, or another event damages a small piece of the property or destroys the entire home, the coverage offered by a homeowners insurance policy can go a long way toward paying for repairs.

Coverage for Personal Belongings

Not all homeowners realize that most homeowners insurance policies offer basic protections not just for their structures but also for their belongings. If valuable items such as electronics, appliances, clothing, and furniture are damaged or destroyed, policyholders can use the money they receive from their insurance companies to replace them.

Liability Coverage

Many homeowners policies come standard with family liability insurance. This offers property owners protection against lawsuits arising from injuries that occur on their properties. Ask whether the policy comes with liability coverage and, if it doesn’t, make a point of adding it to avoid potential legal disputes.

Peace of Mind

Homeowners insurance doesn’t just offer financial protection against an array of unpredictable events. It also offers property owners and their families the peace of mind of knowing that, no matter what happens, they won’t wind up out on the streets. Those who want to take out comprehensive homeowners insurance policies can contact Lee County Insurance Agency today to learn more about their options or schedule an appointment to speak with an agent.

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