Benefits of Electronic Health Records Certification

In the past, records used to be kept on paper and stored in huge storage rooms. But with the invention of the computer, record keeping was revolutionized. Nowadays, electronic records are maintained by every government agency. You can also get a USDA electronic health certificate when you have to travel with your pet internationally.

Instant Access

If you have to request a physical health certificate from USDA, it will be a while before it arrives. But with electronic health records certification, you can get the document instantly. All you have to do is visit the website of USDA and download the USDA APHIS Form 7001 within seconds. Once you have the form, you won’t have to wait to visit the vet to get the paperwork completed.

Cost Reduction

Electronic records can be stored on computers and external hard drives unlike physical documents that have to be kept in storage rooms. You also don’t need to get printed electronic health records certification for storage. You will be saving both printing and storage expenses by creating and storing electronic records.

Easy to Share

Transferring physical documents from one state to the other can take at least 24 hours. The delayed transfer of information can create problems for state officials and the owners of pets. Airlines may not accept a health certificate if it is not signed within a specific time period. But if electronic documents are used, they can be shared with state officials within minutes. Sharing electronic documents with clients is also really easy and saves the time of everyone involved.