Best Pergola Shade Ideas in Chicago

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Deck Builder

Unique structures known as pergolas have been around for centuries. They were initially used to train vines to grow over the top to form a kind of canopy and provide shade for the user. Pergolas are frequently kept open today to define spaces. They could also have coverings, canopies, or other tops installed to offer shade.

Pergola tops may bring a lot of flair, intrigue, and functionality to any outdoor design. They are available in a wide variety of permanent and temporary forms. Check out these pergola shade ideas in Chicago if you’re unsure how to provide shade to the building structure.

Fixed Roof

Spaces such as outdoor kitchens, lounges, and entertainment areas are framed with pergolas. Fixed roofs are one of the best pergola shade ideas in Chicago since they require more protection than a conventional, open-topped pergola can provide. A polycarbonate paneled permanent canopy is placed above this pergola. The panels provide shade, protection from rain and snow, and are UV resistant.

Retractable Canopy

You don’t always need shade, but sometimes you do, which is where pergola designs for shade come into play. Retractable canopies are very handy in situations like that. You may retract them to allow the sunshine in or roll them out completely to provide complete protection from the sun and rain.

Want a little bit of shade? At the midway point, stop the canopy. These canopies, which provide shade and shelter and have very clean lines and a simple look, blend well with pergolas that are pretty modern and contemporary in style.

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