Carpet Stipple Roller

Are you looking for a roller that can produce distinct texture on your wall or ceiling surfaces? If so, consider the carpet stipple roller we offer at Pro Roller Company. Wall texturing—also referred to as wall stippling—can be accomplished with our stipple roller and other materials that are easy and inexpensive to obtain.

What is a Stipple Roller?
A stippler roller is a roller that applies a process referred to as stippling which gives walls and ceilings a raised texture of some kind. It is the perfect tool for texture surface applications.

Stippling for Texture With Our Stipple Roller
Stippling is a painting technique in which a paint roller is used to produce texture on a surface. This technique is best performed using a framed stipple carpet paint roller and thick oil-based texture paint. With a stipple roller cover and standard roller frame, the thick paint can be applied for texture paints, finishes, coal-tar adhesives, and floor coatings.

Our Carpet Stippler Roller Product
The carpet stippler roller we offer is a nylon twist nap used for the application of textured paint to surfaces. It is the ideal roller to produce the perfect texture to give surfaces a unique finish, beauty, and character. It is the best roller for stipple ceiling and wall projects.

Get Your Stipple Effect Paint Roller Here
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