Cavities in Your Child’s Baby Teeth: Are They Really That Big of a Deal?

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Dental Care

Taking your child to regular dental visits at a family dentist Fonthill is a good way to establish life-long habits. It will also allow you and the dentist to keep an eye on their teeth and ensure that they are coming in properly. During the process, you might hear that your child has a cavity in their baby teeth.

When this happens, you might wonder if this is a big deal. After all, they will eventually lose that tooth. Is it really that important to get a cavity in a baby tooth filled? Below are some reasons why taking care of cavities in baby teeth is important.

Teeth Are Required for Proper Speech Development

Not only do we use our teeth for chewing food, but they are also an important factor in speech development. Thus, instead of pulling a baby tooth that has a cavity, your dentist may choose to fill it so it can fall out when it’s supposed to. This will ensure that your child’s speech can develop normally.

Baby Teeth Ensure Proper Spacing

If your child gets a cavity in one of their baby teeth, you may think it’s a better option for the dentist to pull it. Your family dentist Fonthill may decide not to do this because it could mess up the spacing in your child’s mouth. Filling the tooth and keeping it in place will ensure that the rest of the teeth come in where they are supposed to.

If your child is ready for their regular dental visit or you are concerned they might have a cavity that needs to be taken care of, contact Fonthill MarketPlace Dental at to make an appointment today. We will ensure that your child’s mouth is taken care of so they can have a bright, amazing smile.

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