Check Out These Top Apps to Help Mom Enjoy Her Workout Again

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

In this increasingly digital age we are living in, there is an app for everything and everything an app. Getting and staying in shape is no different. If Mom has made it her goal to get into the gym, you can help her out by showing her these top apps to help her make the most of her gym time.

1. Spotify

There is nothing to help keep Mom motivated and moving than some great music. Spotify is available on most mobile platforms and has a free option that still allows Mom to access thousands of current and past songs, create intense workout playlists, and share her favorite tunes.

2. Zombies, Run!

This unique game-style app gives Mom an intense story that is delivered in short episodes that can be adapted to match workout lengths. Collect items, save survivors and build your base all by working out and clocking those miles. Zombies, Run! Works with music and streaming apps.

3. YogaGlo

While the best fitness program for Mom in Fishers, IN, may include a lot of great workouts, continuing this new way of life at home is key to her success. Finding time to simply find her inner center with an app like YogaGlo allows her to view streaming videos of yoga poses.

4. Crunch Live

Help Mom has a great time at home while continuing to work on her healthy habits with Crunch Live. This fun app features high energy workouts that are meant to be exciting and tiring, like dancing to hit Broadway numbers and chart-topping tracks.

When Mom is ready to put these apps to good use, send her to any one of our locations. THE MAX Challenge Fishers, IN is ready to help you find the best fitness program for Mom in Fishers, IN, and the surrounding area.

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