Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy as TMJ Treatment in Irvine, CA

Painful symptoms in the jaw when someone opens the mouth wide may be related to temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition often is caused by trauma to the jaw from repeated teeth clenching or grinding. Psychological stress commonly is the underlying issue. The best TMJ treatment in Irvine, CA, is available from doctors of chiropractic care.

Symptoms also may include headaches, ear pain, and pain radiating down to the neck and shoulders. Chewing or yawning may cause clicking or popping sounds from the jaw joint.

Even when the disorder cannot be cured, TMJ treatment in Irvine, CA, significantly reduces symptom severity and frequency. The chiropractor applies hands-on therapy to adjust the spine and jawbone. This resolves irregularities so the jaw, neck and back are properly aligned.

Going to a practice with a massage therapist on board is advantageous since this treatment relieves stress. A massage of the jaw area also decreases inflammation and discomfort while improving the joint’s range of motion.

The patient benefits from practicing stress reduction methods during daily life. The chiropractor also can provide guidance on therapeutic exercises to relax the jaw muscles.

It’s important to stop or at least minimize any habitual jaw clenching and teeth grinding. The person should stay alert to behaviors like holding a straw or pen tightly between the teeth. Someone with TMJ disorder should avoid chewing gum, hard candy and ice. Crunching on hard materials can be damaging to the teeth as well. All these activities gradually shift jaw and teeth alignment. The attached soft tissues develop inflammation and soreness.