Choosing a Barbell That’s Safe For Your Tongue After a Piercing

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Shopping

After getting your tongue pierced and waiting the suggested time for it to heal, you might want to change the jewelry for another piece. Here are some tips for choosing just the right barbell so that you’re comfortable with your piercing.


When your tongue is pierced, it’s usually done with a 14g. Although some people might want to change to a smaller piece, it’s recommended to look at tongue ring barbells that are a bit larger at 12g or even a 10g. The thicker size can make it easier for the barbell to stay in place compared to a thinner one that could move around a bit more.


A barbell that’s about one inch long is typically used when your tongue is pierced. When it’s time to change it, you’ll likely want to look at tongue ring barbells that are slightly shorter than that at 5/8 of an inch. The reason for the longer length is to compensate for any swelling that occurs after your tongue is pierced. Once the swelling goes down, you might find that a longer barbell hits your teeth or makes talking difficult.


You want to consider the material of the jewelry that you get as you want something that’s compatible with your body. Surgical steel and titanium are commonly used with this kind of piercing and are safe options to consider when you want to change the barbell. Make sure your tongue and mouth are as clean as possible before and after changing your piercing, alerting the person who performed the piercing if you notice any signs of an infection.

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