Choosing A Industrial Electrical Contractor in Salem, OR

by | May 29, 2019 | Electrical

When electrical work needs to be done in a commercial or industrial building, hire an Industrial Electrical Contractor in Salem OR. Professional electrical contractors have the training and experience to complete large commercial electrical jobs correctly the first time. They know all the electrical codes and put safety first. The intricate and specialized machinery and need for worker safety make electrical safety and dependability a priority.

Types Of Electrical Services

Electrical services can involve new construction, remodeling, repairs, or updating older systems. Professional electricians are trained to do core and shell replacements and add electrical service for additional machinery. They can inspect the electrical system to find flaws and fix them or certify the system as safe and meeting local codes. Businesses, services, and commercial properties such as educational facilities at every level, medical facilities, retail buildings, hotels and other hospitality sites, retirement facilities, multi-family buildings, manufacturing plants, and other commercial and public buildings all need electrical services.

Looking For Qualifications

It is important to hire only a qualified Industrial Electrical Contractor in Salem OR. Look for qualifications such as training, licensing, certification, and insurance held by the electrical contractor. Ask for recommendations and a list of completed jobs. Have they provided electrical services for similar buildings and operations? Ask for a detailed plan and a bid for the job. Get several bids and compare the costs and services. When the electrical contractor has been chosen, monitor the progress of the work and ask to see electrical inspection reports.

Job Completion and An Ongoing Relationship

When the electrical work is done, ask for a tour and a written warranty for the materials and labor. Collect all the inspection reports and certifications showing that codes and safety standards have been met. Have the equipment set up and turned on to make sure everything is powered correctly and safely before signing off on the job. What a nightmare it would be if, on the first day of operation, a production line started and there was an electrical short, fire, or outage.

Once the electrical work is done, certified, and approved, keep the electrician’s information handy for future electrical needs. Browse our website for more information.

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