Clogged Drain Repair in Vancouver, BC: Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Bad

In today’s market, you can buy a quick fix for just about any of the problems that pop up around your home. However, just because they’re selling it doesn’t mean you should use it. Chemical drain cleaners have been around for a long time, but most plumbers will tell you to avoid them. Read on to find out why they’re a bad idea instead of professional clogged drain repair in Vancouver, BC.

Corrosive to Pipes

Your drains and pipes are designed to handle organic compounds and water. However, when you pour drain cleaner down the sink or toilet, you’re introducing chemicals that your pipes can’t handle. Continued use of these chemicals will lead to pipe corrosion. After that, you’ll need to have the corroded pipes replaced.

Environmentally Dangerous

Most of the drain cleaner you pour into your pipes doesn’t remain there. It continues into the environment. The chemicals will find their way into nature and destroy everything they touch.


Every year, millions of children and adults are treated for ingesting poisons found around the house. One of them is drain cleaner. Even without ingesting it, this product can be hazardous to your health. If you get it on your skin, the same acids that cut through clogs can leave you with a severe acid burn.


Just as chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes and skin, they can also damage your fixtures. If you have a fine porcelain tub or toilet, you’re risking its beauty by using drain cleaners.

Doesn’t Always Work

Most drain problems require more than merely pouring cleaner down the drain. For a real solution to your clogged drain, you’re better off calling in a professional.

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