Clogged Sewer in Puyallup WA? What Can Be Done?

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Septic Tanks

It’s not uncommon for a sewer in Puyallup WA to become clogged with the number of restored houses in the neighborhood, many of the plumbing and sewer systems are older. One of the most frequent ways that a sewer in Puyallup WA becomes clogged is through the use of garbage disposals on food items. When people update their kitchens frequently like one sees about town in Puyallup WA, they rather often update the appliances at the same time. One of the appliances that are easy to upgrade is a newer garbage disposal. But why Puyallup WA Hardware will tell you that the ¾ ton garbage disposal can tackle anything you throw down there, what isn’t generally thought of is the sewer Puyallup WA has.

One can’t see what hasn’t been upgraded in the old sewer line so while the appliance can handle anything you care to throw at it, the sewer in Puyallup WA cannot. So what can be done once the clogg has occurred to remedy the situation? There are a number of possible methods to explore.

A Chemical Solution

One of the most frequent first fixes after the good ole’ plunger has been tried is to chemically clear the sewer line. While a chemical solution is generally a good application if the material clogging the line is organic, like food items, it can be difficult on Puyallup WA sewers. These chemical solutions are toxic and directions should be closely followed, but are a good first try for not so tough blocked lines or pipes.

The Forcible Method

Perhaps a favorite most preferred by gentlemen of the house is the plunger method of forcing the clog to move through the pipes. When applying a plunger to the clogged sewer in Puyallup WA you are attempting to fix the pipe by forcing via suction the obstruction through the line. This works via suction pressure that is created by forcing air through the pipe to push out the obstruction. Certainly the most cost effective way to try and clear a sewer line.

Break out the Snake

For more stubborn obstructions and for the more determined home improvement handy man or woman a snake tool that can be purchased at a local hardware store is a method to clear the sewer lines in Puyallup WA. This is often the first method that a professional plumber will employ, particularly if the sewer in Puyallup WA is suspected to be clogged due to tree roots or other stubborn to remove materials.

The above three methods are all effective at clearing most typical sewers in Puyallup WA of everyday ordinary types of clogs. However one should note that as you progress through these choices there is more possibility of damaging a pipe or sewer line which can ultimately cost far more to repair than had you paid a professional plumber to clear the line from the onset. Measure just how far you are willing to experiment on clearing the sewer in Puyallup WA and when in doubt, leave the work to a professional.

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