Common Reasons Why You May End Up Needing Roof Repair in Nashville

As one of the outer layers of your home, your roof is exposed to a wide variety of extreme conditions. If your roof isn’t installed properly, these extreme conditions can cause problems over time. To protect the integrity of your home, you will need roof repair in Nashville to fix these problems to ensure you don’t end up with more expensive issues down the road. Here are a few common problems that may cause future roof repair.

Inadequate Ventilation

During those hot and humid Nashville summers, heat and humidity can build up in your attic. To remove the heat and humidity, adequate ventilation is crucial to both draw out the warm, moist air and draw in cool, dry air. If previous contractors have constructed the roof with inadequate ventilation, though, the moist air will remain in your attic, building up until it begins to soften the wood that surrounds the space. Over time, this could lead to the deterioration of the plywood sheathing that forms the roof deck, requiring roof repairs in Nashville to fix the problem.

Bad Flashing

If your roof has one or more valleys, the quality of the flashing in those valleys is of utmost importance. If the flashing doesn’t adequately seal the roof, moisture is likely to get in and cause major damage to the sheathing, trusses, and the rest of your home. If you are having problems with a leaky roof, it may be because you need roof repair in one or more of these areas.

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