Compare Performance Options Before Scheduling an HVAC Installation in St. Charles County, MO

by | Jun 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

When you install a major HVAC system, you need to make sure that you are installing a system that will meet your entire household’s comfort needs. You also have to consider the ductwork. The ductwork connected to the HVAC basically is to supply and return ductwork that ventilates a home. The return duct system moves the air from the home to the AC or furnace. This makes it possible to remove or add heat. Any “conditioned” air flows as heating or cooling through a duct system’s supply ducts.

Are Your Ducts Properly Installed?

Before you arrange an HVAC installation in St. Charles County, MO, you need to make sure that the ducts are installed properly so you get the most out of your heating and cooling systems. This means that the ducts should be fitted tightly and properly sized. If ducts do not meet this criteria, air pollution or leaks can result. For example, a duct system that runs through a crawlspace may lose as much as 35% of energy from heat transfer or leakage. When this occurs, the homeowner ends up paying a large heating or cooling bill.

Also, before any HVAC installation, you need to make sure that the system itself is properly sized for your household. For instance, if a furnace or AC unit is too small, you may not receive the heating or cooling that you need. If the unit is too large, you can waste a lot of energy. Clean the ducts too if you plan to install a new HVAC system. Dirty ducts reduce air flow and make your home stuffy and uncomfortable.

What Is the Energy Rating of the New HVAC System?

It pays to get your ductwork checked before you make any kind of HVAC installation. You should also check the energy rating of the HVAC system that you plan to install. By taking these measures, you will enjoy a more comfortable home and save a large amount of money on utilities overall.

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