Comprehensive Educational Programming

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Health and Fitness

Minneapolis, Minnesota is a massive Midwestern metropolis that has many things on hand for its citizens. It even has the convenience of in-depth educational programming. When you need educational programming Minneapolis locals can go for, River Ridge Treatment Center in Burnsville is ready to give it to you. Our treatment facility has been functioning since 1972. We present our sizable patient base with many choices in mental health specialties. If you want to get family therapy, psychometric evaluations, training for mindfulness, counseling for couples in trouble, individualized therapy or anything else, you can put your pure confidence in our team members. Remember, too, that we have programs that are suitable for educational applications here.

Thorough Programming for Educational Purposes

We have a program here that takes the “Discovery” approach. This program empowers individuals who want to find out about drugs, alcohol and issues that involve these things. It’s equipped with three separate tiers as well. The first one lasts for six hours total. The second one lasts for double that amount of time. The third one goes for anywhere between 18 and 24 hours.

River Ridge Treatment Center has a program that concentrates on diversion methods for young people, notably adolescents. It’s a program that has a duration of four and a half hours. It gives teenagers details that pertain to abuse and chemicals in general. Teenagers who want to get insight that relates to drinking alcohol and all of its pitfalls may want to sign up for this program.

Call River Ridge Treatment Center for Educational Programming Details

When you want educational programming Minneapolis can back, River Ridge Treatment Center ( has it. Call our kindly staff to get information about all of the educational programming openings our center has in store for you.

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