Concrete Grinder Rental Services Saving Time and Costs in Newman, GA

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Equipment

Concrete grinders are used to polish and grind concrete, granite and marble. For jobs that require surface modification with a powerful abrasive, concrete equipment rental services in Newman, GA, can meet the needs of both large and small projects.

Concrete Equipment Rental Services

Concrete grinder rental is an ideal solution for companies that require grinders on short notice but don’t have a budget or business plan that justifies new or used purchases. If a project calls for unexpected coating removal or a construction job needs concrete surface preparation, rental services provide an economical way to complete the work as needed.

Concrete Grinding Equipment

Concrete grinder rental in Newnan GA, carries a series of relevant processing equipment, including walk-behind floor grinders. These multipurpose machines can perform a number of tasks, including epoxy removal, concrete layer removal and surface roughening.

  • Gas Walk-Behind Floor Grinder – A compact gas-powered grinder, ideal for removing traffic lines, creating non-slip floors, removing coatings and concrete, repairing sidewalk trip hazards and preparing and cleaning floors and surfaces
  • Single-Head Electric Grinder – A multi-purpose electric unit, designed for surface areas smaller than 1,500 square feet and ideal for residential work, concrete slab repair, concrete grinding and stripping, epoxy thin-coat and urethane removal, rough-surface smoothing, surface leveling, trowel marks and rain marks

A Trusted Local Provider

For more information on how concrete grinder rental, provided by a reliable local service, can help projects and contractors save time and money, contact Able 2 Rent All at 770-670-5453 or online today.

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