Decorating Ideas With Gingham Tablecloth And Napkin Combinations

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Business

Gingham is one of those classic fabrics and design options that pairs well with a lot of different occasions and events. The standard gingham is a medium weight fabric made of either a 100% cotton or a cotton blend. The cotton blend offers advantages over the standard gingham, particularly in a tablecloth and napkin combination. The blend in this type of gingham tablecloth will help it to resist staining. It will also make washing and drying the tablecloths and napkins very easy as they can simply go through the regular wash and dry cycle without concerns about shrinking as can be a problem with pure cotton fabrics. Color Combinations There are many different color combinations for gingham tablecloth and napkin options. This is also a popular fabric to use as table runners against a solid white or a solid color that matches the gingham. Traditionally you will find gingham in the larger white and solid colored cross pattern, but there are also small patterns available that look great with napkins or on gingham tablecloth styles. This is a great pattern for a round square or rectangular table as it tends to draw the eye across the table to make the surface look larger. Red and white, blue and white, green and white and black and white are the classic colors, with red and white perhaps the most recognized. Pairing the patterned tablecloth with solid napkins in a matching or a contrasting color is an ideal look that adds a casual yet classic style. Special Events Gingham is a perfect fabric for a rustic, country and western or a garden party style of wedding. It matches nicely with burlap as well, creating a range of design possibilities. Additionally, this is a natural for a Fourth of July picnic, a barbecue, family reunion or a child’s birthday party. It is a highly versatile option that adds color and pizzazz to any gathering, indoors or out. For more information visit CV Linens website today or click on our YouTube channel.

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