Decorating Using Wedding Glitz For Glamor

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Shopping

With the wide range of options in decorating for your big day, adding a bit of wedding glitz for the reception or even for decorations at the ceremony itself is a great option for virtually any type of theme or design. The shimmer and dazzle of these items at a wedding add to the festive atmosphere and, after the wedding, they are a great addition for other special events as well.

Choosing how much or how little wedding glitz to add is up to your personal taste. Different options in linens, decorations, fabrics, and styles can play up or play down the look, giving you the sheen and eye-catching accents you want for every table, chair or for the room decorations.

Just a Touch of Dazzle

When you just want a bit of wedding glitz and nothing too dramatic, consider adding a charger to the place setting that has an edge of rhinestones. A jeweled color or a traditional silver with diamond-like rhinestones is a great way just to catch the light and add that shimmer.

Top this off with a matching rhinestone clip or napkin ring for an elegant and sophisticated look. These are actually very low cost and look amazing with any color of napkin and tablecloth. They are also beautiful when LED or natural candles are used at the tables.

A Bit More Pizzazz

For more wedding glitz and glamor use a sequined napkin on clear or solid colored plates. These napkins are typically made of taffeta, so they have a natural sheen while the sequins are sewn directly to the fabric for a shimmery, glittering look.

These are a dramatic presentation in the rich colors of ruby red, navy blue, purple, green, gold and black. For a lighter look consider pinks, aqua blues, silver and white for a soft romantic appearance.

Another option to consider is a table overlay featuring wedding glitz. These can include striped patterns in gold and silver, offering a very dramatic presentation while also matching the rest of your wedding colors and patterns. Checkered glitz on the tables is also a great look and one that can be used as the tablecloth itself as well as for an overlay.

In addition to napkins and tablecloths, you can include wedding glitz for chair covers, table runners and for chair bands. You can combine colors or choose one color to use for all your glitz and glamor depending on your personal taste and your overall design and style.

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