Disadvantages of Open Houses for Homes for Sale in Fargo

Many sellers think they must have an open house for their homes for sale in Fargo. While having an open house does provide numerous benefits, it is not required. You learn in real estate that not every selling strategy works for every home on the market, including open houses.

Before you decide if an open house is suitable for your property, here are some disadvantages.

No Correlation to Higher Selling Prices

Despite what you may have heard, having an open house does not mean you will sell your home for a higher price than what you have listed. In some cases, this does happen, but how much over-list price you sell for depends on how the market is currently behaving, not your open house.

Strangers Roaming Freely Through Your Home

Hosting an open house means you are allowing strangers to come into your home and wander about. Most people have good intentions, and yes, your real estate agent will be onsite to answer any questions, but they cannot keep an eye on everybody at once.

Allowing people into your home can increase the risk of theft and other security issues. You can realistically only lock up so much stuff without removing everything from your home. They also know what appliances, including computers and TVs, you have in your home.

Another problem with allowing random people to walk into your home is when you get people who have no desire to buy your house. These people just attend open houses because they are curious about what the inside of a particular home looks like.

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