Discover the Full Menu at an Original Italian and Pizza Restaurant in Phoenix

If you are looking for the best pizza near Phoenix, AZ, visit a Red Devil Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Several are located throughout the area. This family-owned operation is known for its traditional ingredients and recipes passed down from the original owners, Little Joe and Big Joe. The next generation is now in charge.

Classic Pizzas

The menu starts with two classic pizzas that you can enjoy as-is or add one of the many extra toppings offered. The cooks cover the original in a tomato-based sauce, and the white classic comes with olive oil instead of the red sauce. Both styles have cheese, and some of the extras you might opt for are the Italian meats, such as sausage or meatball, or veggies, like red onion or fresh basil.

Red Devil House Specials

The chefs put together four Red Devil specialty pizzas. The Red Devil White Pizza begins with olive oil and a layer of mozzarella. It is topped with fresh tomatoes and garlic. If you order the Red Devil Veggie, you will get a blend of fresh mushrooms, olives, onions, and green bell peppers. The Combo is Italian meats, mushrooms, and peppers, and the Supremo is a meat-lovers delight.

More Entrees and Sides

Besides offering some of the best pizza near Phoenix, AZ, guests of Red Devil can enjoy salads, calzones, and pasta dishes. The plates of pasta share the same red and white sauce that tops the pizzas. The antipasto salad is brimming with salami, olives, artichokes, and provolone. This establishment has banquet facilities and a catering branch.