Do You Need Sewer Rodding To Solve Problems With Blocked Pipes?

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Plumbing & Plumbers

There is nothing worse than dealing with a sewer line or a drain that is clogged or backing up. Not only is it potentially costly, but the backflow of drain and sewer water can be a safety issue in any home.

Many people attempt to clear blocked, clogged or slow draining pipes and sewer lines using a variety of over-the-counter types of products. These drain cleaners may be suitable for small amounts of material in the drains, but they are not effective on most clogs and blockages. In addition to being ineffective, harsh chemicals can cause damage in the pipe, fittings, and even in the fixtures, adding to the risk of future plumbing problems.

What is Sewer Rodding?

Professional plumbing services use a highly effective drain cleaning technique called sewer rodding. The process uses specialized, flexible lengths of sewer rod. The end piece of the rod has a head that fits into the pipe. The head is designed with teeth to shred and break up the material in the pipe. The last section of the rod or cable is connected to a motor that turns the head and the teeth, creating a powerful cutting action.

The flexibility of the rod and cable system allows the head to work through the pipe, including around bends and elbows. The mechanical action of the spinning head gives it the power it to cut through roots, clogs, and obstructions. The shredded material is small enough to pass through the rest of the system, eliminating the blockage and restoring water flow.

Sewer rodding is also useful as a preventative measure. When done on an annual basis, it reduces the risk of sewer and drain problems in the home.

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