Do You Own a Daycare Center and Need a Sink Toddlers can Reach

You have a lot of responsibility when owning a daycare center. Even though you have assistance from your employees, you still have a busy schedule. Taking care of the toddlers and infants needs such as changing diapers, feeding, play time and making sure the toddlers wash their hands properly after using the restroom or playing is important. If the sink at the daycare center in Stockholm NJ is too tall for a toddler to reach you probably have to lift the child so they can wash and clean their hands. After a while this can become tiring for you and could begin to put a strain on your back. Perhaps, it is time for you to look into a portable sink rental in NJ.

Professional Rental Service Supplies Quality Portable Sinks for their Customers

A rental service that provides a wide variety of portable sinks and if you do not see a portable sink that suits your needs they can customize one for you. Whether you prefer a single or double portable sink your toddlers will be able to use it because the sinks are specifically made for their height. When the toddlers see the new sink at your daycare center they will enjoy washing their hands and you will not have to lift them up anymore. The portable sinks will vary on how much cold and hot water they hold, depending on what size you decide to go with. You can rest assure about the safety issues with the sinks because they have swivel casters with locking brakes. The doors are located in the back of a sink as well for safety purposes. After you have selected the style of portable sink you want to rent then you have a choice in colors such as maple, blue, grey, red, white and black.

Outstanding Customer Service with a Reputable Rental Service

When you are discussing your order with one of the courteous and friendly customer representatives inform them of how long you intend on renting the portable sink. You can rent the portable sink for a day, week or month. While talking to customer service they will inform you that they deliver and will need your location. If you decide you want to keep the portable sink at your daycare permanently then talk with the customer service about the rent to own program they offer. No matter which way you choose to go whether it is continuing to rent or to use the program, their portable sinks are affordable. A rental service that takes pride in their products and strives to please each customer is one to choose.

Rent a Portable Sink is a rental service that supplies their customers with a portable sink rental in New Jersey. Contact them today via their website for more information.