Edible Easter Decorations to Spice Up Your Home and Table

Sweet Easter treats often make us wish that the holiday came more than once a year. If you want to give friends, family or clients that same feeling, then here are a few ideas you can try out.

Edible baskets

These baskets are so much fun and especially a good fit for the occasion. With detailed instructions from sites like One Good Thing, making an edible basket is easy. There’s also the handy side-benny of knowing you can eat this when you’re done using it. That means you won’t need to worry about freeing up storage space in your garage for the basket the rest of the year.

Sugar cookies

Shape those sugar cookies into bunnies. Add a cotton-tail detail for a bit of cute whimsy and extra bit of sweetness. For the perfect cut and shape, though, invest in a bunny-shaped cookie cutter. That’s going to make it easier for you to produce these seasonal best-sellers by the dozen or more. Also, you can use these as decorations for your cake. If you’re looking for edible Easter decorations, then this one may be the perfect add-ons to your cake.

Snack mixes

Instead of the usual nuts, do candy melts and mini chocolate eggs. Put them together until you have a mix of sweets that you can spread around the house.


You can’t let the holiday pass by without making mini Easter egg cakes. Look for store-bought cake in pretty pastel colors. These are going to be perfect for the dessert and just another dish you can add to your table for the Easter feast.

Cookie dough

If you love all things sweet, then don’t pass up this chance to create edible Easter decorations by doing egg-shaped cookie dough truffles. Decorate with glazed chocolate and sprinkles and you’ll be good to go.