Factors to Consider with Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Most restaurants in and around Clearwater require commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services about every four months. However, depending on the type of cooking done in the kitchen and the number of meals prepared, this process may be required as frequently as one month.

The Frequency of Cleaning

A good example of a restaurant that requires more frequent commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services, which usually includes kitchen hood cleaning as well, is a restaurant that uses a charcoal or wood-burning stove. These types of stoves require monthly, or sometimes even more frequent, inspections and cleaning, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The combination of sparks and accumulated grease is a significant fire risk.

Every restaurant or food preparation area with commercial kitchen stoves has a recommended cleaning schedule. Most restaurants will have a recommended cleaning frequency between every two months to once a quarter.

Hiring a Professional Commercial Hood Cleaning Service

It’s always best to hire an experienced, professional company that specializes in commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services in the Clearwater area. These companies have the knowledge of hood components and exhaust systems required to ensure they get the deep cleaning they need to remove surface grease.

Removing surface grease also helps to improve exhaust system performance, removing the oil, grease, and moisture from over the cooking surface. At the time of cleaning, these commercial services can also inspect belts, change filters, and make sure all components of the exhaust system are working correctly.

Clean Hoods Express offer a complete maintenance with each cleaning at no additional cost.