Facts Associated With Each Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Dental Care

Cosmetic dentistry is a set of treatments whose main objective is to improve the esthetics of the teeth and gums. Everyone wants a nice smile, of course, but a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA will ensure it is a natural looking one. Cosmetic dentistry improves a smile, but there are many dentists who have decided to specialize in this type of treatment and who have made their expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Many dental offices have several dentists with significant training and experience in cosmetic treatments.

When looking into cosmetic dentistry, a patient should ask to see before and after photos of treatments from previous patients. And thanks to many offices, having a policy of keeping their dental team abreast of all the developments of dentistry, dentists regularly attend conferences, courses, and programs on the latest in cosmetic treatments. Dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry can perform countless treatments that improve the appearance of a smile. Many of these techniques not only help enhance the esthetics of a smile but also improve the functionality of said smile. The most common treatments esthetic dentistry consists of:

Teeth whitening: This treatment helps to achieve a whiter and radiant smile and is probably the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedure. This treatment is completed in a single visit and provides good results.

Dental veneers: Veneers are thin layers of custom-manufactured composite or porcelain sheets that are placed on the front teeth to change the shape and color of teeth. They can cover gaps between teeth, cracks and breaks, mask or lengthen teeth.

Dental implants: Beyond restoring the functionality of a smile, they are certainly a treatment that clearly improves the esthetics of the smile.

Crown lengthening: Lack of, or excess gums are also issues that clearly affect the esthetics of the smile. With crown lengthening and other gingival treatments, these disadvantages can be improved.

Esthetic fillings: Old silver fillings can be replaced by a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA with composite fillings – a safer choice for health and beauty.

Furthermore, many dental offices will let new patients see the future results of treatments before they have even started. Thanks to the 3D technology they use, patients can get digital imaging results of various treatments before having the procedure. Contact Shores Dental Center to learn more.

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